One night while walking home I came across a stack of newspapers left out on the street to be picked up the
following morning as trash.  Since I use discarded newspapers in my artwork I naturally stopped and started to
go through to see which ones I wanted to take back to my studio.  While going through them I came across a
box of books next to them.  I hadn't really thought of using books as well but decided to take them also.  I kept
them in my studio for a while thinking about how I'd use them.  The first thing I did was rip off all of the covers
so as not to distract people with the title.  After that I started dyeing them with coffee and bound some of them
together with either rope or wire.

Some of these book stacks remained just that way and I thought that I would display them on a pedestal
whenever I wanted to exhibit them.  One day, however, I came across some wood in my studio that I had also
found on the street and wondered what they would look like if  I displayed them as books on an actual shelf.  
The result is the following artworks that you see here.

I constantly pick  things up on the street and take them back to my studio.  Sometimes I find use for them right
away and other times they sit in my studio until the time is right. All of the books and wood used in these
artworks I simply call, "Bookshelves" were also found on the street.

I never go out "hunting" for materials because I believe you'll never find something that way.  For me the most
exciting thing is just going about my daily business and if I come across something I have to immediately
decide if I can use it or not.  Often the rush is so exhilarating that I can't wait to go back to my studio and start
using what I've found.

"One's person trash is another man's treasure" certainly rings true for me and vice versa when I sell my

11 x 69 x 35cm