Even though this artwork's title is Untitled Collage II, it's actually
the very first collage that I made when I started making them back
in 2011.

As an artist it's very interesting looking back at your previous
artworks because it allows you the opportunity to see how your
artwork has changed and progressed over the years.

When I look at this piece now, what strikes me the most is its
strong geometry.  I find the speed of the lines to be very fast and
uninterrupted, however, one thing that I have to remind myself of
is that when I was making this I wasn't in the mind set that I have
now when I approach my work and of course your way of creating
is going to change over time.

Some of the very first collages that I made at the same time as this
one don't exist anymore because I changed them soon after and
most of them were later used in other artworks.  I don't have this
one anymore either as it was sold to a private collector in Taiwan
but seeing it sure does bring back many memories and reinforces
how much an artist is always growing and learning from one piece
to the next.

16 x 25cm   
Stained newspaper, cardboard & book pages