I first started making the artwork for this series that I called "Fragment" back in 2007. It was
during that year that I first started making paper and using paper in my art so for me 2007
marks a transitional period in my artistic life.

I say that these artworks are ink on handmade paper but in reality they aren't so much paper
as they are pulp. I made them by boiling milk packs to remove the waxy layer of film and then
blended the remaining cardboard with water and then strained them over a wire net and let
them dry.  After drying, I ground my own sumi ink and then started painting with a fine brush.

There is no doubt that these artworks resemble an ancient cuneiform writing system or even
Japanese katakana for that matter but in reality they are not letters nor words and aren't
meant to be read at all.

They are simply primitive marks that I made using no more then 3 strokes.  They are painted
from start to finish, without interruption or premeditation. The time between each mark is
literally a second and in that short amount of time I had to immediately think about the
previous mark in relation to the current one I was making and that mark in relation to the next
mark I was about to make. I was trying to relinquish and maintain control at the same time.

Once the sumi ink dried I stained the pulp with either the leftover sumi diluted with water or
coffee or tea.  The end result, these fragments.

32 x 39cm