I started making the artwork for this series, called URBANOLOGY II,
in the autumn of 2018. It grew naturally out of the previous series,
URBANOLOGY I, which was a response to the urban environment in
which I live,  in Osaka, Japan.  Unlike the bold colors, the thick
layers, the graffiti  & the in your face punch that URBANOLOGY I
provides, I wanted this series to focus on more of the sublime and
to compositionally challenge myself to use only the found &
gathered materials I had on hand all within the set size of 18 x 13
centimeters. My way of approaching the series was once the
materials are all used up, the series is done.

One of the underlying themes of my artwork is the relationship of
opposites and how time effects things.  The mobility of Urbanology I,
along with its warm colors, its destruction and noise are in stark
contrast to the stability, coolness and preservation found in this
series which feels as if time has been frozen and fossilized.  Things
lurk beneath. It is there where the conflict begins. It's quiet but
screaming at the same time.  It's a quiet scream that wants to be
heard.  It so desperately wants to move and be free.  The titles of
many of these artworks reflect frozen qualities or parasitic
creatures.  Other titles are geographical references which are
based on associations.  Here is:

18  x 13 cm