The house that I was born and raised in in
Brooklyn, New York City, was originally owned by
my paternal grandfather.

My parents lived in that house until 2007 when
they then retired and moved to Florida. My
brother and his family then moved in and one day
when my brother was renovating the garage he
came across various sheets of newspaper that
my grandfather had put between the walls as

Finding such old newspapers behind a wall in my
house was an  exhilarating feeling.  It
coincidentally tied into my theme of "excavation"
and also made me think about my roots and my
grandfather with whom i didn't have much of a
relationship with in the last 10 years of his life.

This is the piece of newspaper that I received
from my brother.  I tried to use it so many
different ways and turn it into an "artwork" until I
realized that every time I did that I was interfering
with the artwork that was there in front of me and
realized that it's an artwork all by itself.

The brown color is due to the natural
discoloration of the newsprint that is now over 77
years in the making.

MARCH 1, 1940     
13.5 x 15.5CM