I tend to work horizontally but recently I've
also been working vertically when the
composition calls for it.

One of the challenges I find working
vertically is how to "merge" the different
layers at the point where they form a line
with another layer.  There are four such
layers in this piece and each line needed to
be treated in a separate way for the overall

The uppermost layer is a photograph that I
tore in a variety of places to slow down the
speed of the line and transitions to the next
layer through the transparency of the washi
(Japanese paper.)

The line that is created where the washi
and the newspaper come together has the
most amount of tension but the speed of  
its line is drastically slowed down at the
midway point and the visual weight of the
newspaper grounds it onto the gray paper
and wall fragments.

Simply "stacking" layers upon layers is
something that I constantly remind myself
not to do.

27.5 x 20.5cm