M  A  T  T  H  E  W     F  A  S  O  N  E
I first started using letters that I had
written on dyed paper in 2006 and the
first "Message in a Bottle" installation
from 2012-2013 “ had me returning to
that concept.  Unlike the previously
written letters, the letters from inserted
into a glass bottle and each bottle’s
letter was for a different person who
had had a unique impact on my life.  
Those people included family and
friends as well as former teachers,
mentors and lovers.  I wrote those
letters under the pretense that if I had
died tomorrow, what would I have said
to them and what would my final words
have  been?  Ironically however, in
order to read those letters one would
have to destroy the bottle and the
artwork so in a way the letters were
more of a way for me to say what I
need to say and to get some closure
rather than actually have had the
recipient read them.  The aged bottle
is a metaphor for something being
excavated and not to be literally
interpreted as something that was
physically buried and unearthed.

Unlike the first Message in a Bottle
artwork, the letters I wrote for this
piece, Message in a Bottle II, are not
for other people who have had a
unique impact on my life but rather for
myself.  These letters are more
negative in tone and focus on my own
fears and inhibitions and are advice for
myself on how to overcome those
negative emotions.
© 2020 Matthew Fasone