Prior to making my collage and assemblage
artworks I was painting primarily in encaustic
and ordered my beeswax from a company in
the United States.  After being in Japan for a
while I had run out and decided to order
more online.

This is the box that they came in.  The
postage stamp says the shipping date was
April 5, 2007.  When it arrived I immediately
fell in love with the packaging.  I loved the
relationship of the blue and brown together,
the tears in the plastic and the cardboard,
the graphic quality of the text and air mail
stamps as well as the date on it.  I think it's
obvious to see in my artwork that I have a
fixation with dates on letters, packages and
newspapers.  It's a way of preserving time as
well as linking the past, present and future
together. It also shows time's effect on
things, both living and non-living and makes
me think about the fragility of time and how it
makes things fragile themselves.

I kept this in my studio for 8 years in a dusty
and damp area to slowly age it before I
finally decided it was ready to be exhibited.

26.5 x 22.5 x 7cm