In December of 2017 I took part in an art fair
called Art Kaohsiung which is one of Taiwan's
leading art fairs.  I was asked to create a large
scale artwork for the main center wall of the
booth that should be free-flowing and
harmonious.  It was not a commission piece
however and I had full carte blanche to create
what I wanted.

I had been collecting washi for many years and
had a large quantity of it in my studio and was
using it, sparingly, in small collages and
assemblages that I was making at that time.

I had given a lot of consideration to this piece
and I knew that washi would be the best material
to use; it's a lightweight and natural fiber that is
extremely strong and archival.  Most of the
sheets used here date back to the late Edo
Period in Japan, almost 200 years ago.

I did not want in any way people trying to read
what is written on the letters so I intentionally
inverted them and in some areas layered sheet
on top of sheet.

You can view the art fair pictures

QUILT I      WASHI       243  x 165 cm       2017