M  A  T  T  H  E  W     F  A  S  O  N  E
Repetition I:

Certainly less introspective than my
previous installations, Repetition I, as
its name implies, focuses on the
repetition of parts and the relationship
between the different parts of the work
The element of repetition is designed
to highlight the subtle differences in
this relationship.

Although minimalistic in idea, I would
not say that it falls in line with
traditional Minimal Art characteristics,
where artworks are generally
composed of precise, hard-edged,
geometric forms usually utilizing a
single color that tend to focus more on
the cerebral rather than on the

It does, however, reflect the austere
and primitive underlining themes
throughout my artwork that share a
symbiotic, non-heirarchal relationship.
© 2020 Matthew Fasone