A discarded piece of wood.  A yellow leaf.  A naturally discolored newspaper from decades gone by.  
A paper and cement wall fragment that peeled from your favorite wall due to the effects of time and
weather.  A photograph of a young woman in a kimono taken many years ago.  Lint from a washing
machine containing hair from a belovedly deceased pet.  Packaging that reminds you of a bygone
era.  Old and weathered out of circulation currency.  A trampled on warning sign found underfoot.

Things found and collected over the years kept in a box waiting to be used in one way or another.  
Seemingly without relation to one another, these nine pieces come together to form, Repetition: 3 x 3.  

It is fair to assume that if exhibited individually and without knowledge of the other 8 pieces that form
this one artwork that one may say, "It's a leaf in a box.  So what?"  Be that as it may, individually,
these 9 things of little or no importance come together and serve a greater purpose.

They all serve to show time's effect on things, whether those things are natural or synthetic. Wood will
rot.  A leaf and paper will decay.  A newspaper and photograph will discolor. Lint and plastic will tear
and fall apart.  Tempus edax rerum, Latin, meaning, time devours all things.  We are all subject to it.  
Some try to fight it.  Others try to preserve it.  Some want more of it while some try to speed it up or

This is a philosophical and conceptual point of view regarding the artwork.
Compositionally speaking we can see the use of complimentary colors with the yellow-purple and
blue-orange relationship as well the overall balance of the objects together.

In addition to this, and in connection to the overall theme that runs throughout all of my artwork, we
see the dichotomy, the relationship of opposites:  warm vs cool, tension vs harmony, movement vs
stability and light vs dark.

Repetition:  3 x 3

9 frames, 30 x 30cm each

Mixed Media