There is a very popular snack in
Japan known as mochi which is
made from a short-grain
glutinous rice.  Mochi, translated
into English means a sticky rice
cake.  Mochi is pounded into a
paste and then molded into a
desired shape.  Traditionally
mochi was stored and shipped
in these old boxes knows as
mochibako (mochi box).

I had in my studio
for some time
these old shovels but wasn't
exactly sure how I wanted to
exhibit them, so I just held onto
them and waited until I found the
best way.  That best way came
when I found these old boxes
and I knew immediately that the
shovels would fit and work
perfectly inside them.
 The box
here is from 1955.

Nothing deep, nothing
philosophical, no metaphors
here.  Just a shovel in a box.

63.5 x 33 x 9 cm    
Wood box & Shovel