There are many foreign words used readily in the English language
that many people understand.  Adios, siesta, fiesta, faux pas, and
ciao are all examples of this.  When it comes to Japanese words
understood by non-Japanese speaking people, I think arigato,
sayonara and sensei are top on the list.  Sensei is typically
translated as teacher in English but its meaning goes further than
what English speakers think of as "teacher."

For example, in Japan, sensei is not limited to only school teachers
but is a title used for doctors and lawyers as well.  It's an honorific
title used for people in a high position that often educate in one way
or another.

Every month I go to my favorite flea market in Osaka and it's there
where I often find and sometimes buy some of the materials I use in
my art.  This artwork here is one such example.  The envelope on
the left is addressed to a Yamada Sensei.  Yamada is a common
family name in Japanese.  I'm not quite sure what kind of sensei Mr.
Yamada was but after checking the letters inside the envelopes it
appears that he was a clergyman of sorts and was often
exchanging letters, postcards and Christmas cards with a person in
the United States.  I have several letters and these here date back
to 1956

18 x 18cm