M  A  T  T  H  E  W     F  A  S  O  N  E
                       Educational and Fine Art Studies

2005 – 2006                                   New York Academy of Art
2004 – 2005                                   Bridgeview School of Fine Arts
2003 – 2004                                   Maryland College of Art and Design
1993 – 1998                                   Canisius College Fine Art Department
© 2021 Matthew Fasone
Matthew Fasone is an American artist from New York City who has been living and working in
Osaka, Japan since 2006.  He creates assemblages, collages & installations from found
materials.  His artwork is in several private collections and has been exhibited in countries
throughout the world, including Japan, Taiwan, France, Germany, Wales and the United States.  

He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1975 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art
History from Canisius College, Buffalo, New York.  He did his postgraduate studies in fine arts at
New York Academy of Art and Bridgeview School of Fine Arts, both in New York City.
Fasone’s work can best be described as primitive and the majority of his artwork is made from materials found on the street as well as
collected and upcycled materials, most notably washi (traditional Japanese paper) and old manuscripts.  In addition to these he also uses
textiles, graffiti stickers peeled from walls and telephone poles, paint and wall fragments as well as cement, wall posters and advertisements.

As can be found throughout Fasone’s artwork, his assemblage and collage pieces create a sense of fragility and naivete and are quite
archaic and primitive.

His artwork focusses on the passage of time, time’s effect on things, the relationship and dichotomy of opposites and the fragility and
weathering of the materials he uses. “These abandoned fragments still have life in them, and I find them aesthetically pleasing.   
Simply put I've always been drawn to old, decaying things that exist in nature”, he says.